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Most businesses today use dialer software to make contact with potential and current customers. Our Sampark software has a variety of features that can help a business grow, including the ability to automatically dial phone numbers and connect with potential customers. It saves agents time, helping them hit their key performance indicators faster. As a result, software saves businesses time and money while improving customer satisfaction.

Not at all. Sampark Dialer Solution is not difficult to use or set up in your contact center environment. In fact, it comes with easy-to-use interfaces and a variety of features that can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business. Also it’s smooth integration with your existing systems will ensure a better customer service experience.

The cost of the Sampark dialer software will vary depending on the features and functionality your business needs. For more details, you may reach out to our sales & marketing team at info@toss4u.com.

There are different types of dialer software available on the market today. The most popular type of dialer software is a predictive dialer, which uses an algorithm to predict when an agent will be available to speak with a customer. Other types of dialers include progressive dialers, power dialers, preview dialers, and manual dialers.

Predictive dialer

Dials multiple numbers and places phone calls before an agent becomes available. This type of dialer is used in very high volume contact centers where efficiency and cost-per-call are the key focus.

Progressive dialer

Automatically dials a number when an agent is finishing up the previous call. Unlike a predictive dialer, a progressive dialer will wait for an agent to finish their current call before it dials the next number on the list, and it will only dial one number per agent.

Preview dialer

Also called power dialers. Preview dialers cue up phone numbers in a predetermined list for the agent to then decide to dial. This gives agents the power to auto-dial a call when they’re ready after reviewing the customer’s information first. Preview dials are ideal for more complex sales where a bit of research may be required between calls to increase the chances of success.

Manual dialer

This is the most basic type of dialer. It requires the agent to dial numbers manually by referring to their contact list.

Some of the key benefits of using a dialer software include the ability to reach more customers in a shorter amount of time, increased customer satisfaction, and improved agent productivity.

Reach more customers

With dialer software, businesses can make more calls in a shorter amount of time, which leads to increased sales and revenue. Your agents don’t have to worry about manually dialing each phone number and instead focus on their main goal of helping customers or closing sales.

Improve customer satisfaction

Dialer software provides businesses with the ability to track and measure customer satisfaction, which helps them improve the quality of their products and services. The ability to track specific performance analytics depends on which software provider you choose. If this is a priority for your business (and it should be), select a dialer solution that offers robust data collection and analytical tools.

Increase agent productivity

Dialer software helps businesses increase agent productivity by freeing up their time so they can focus on sales and customer service. Not only does this help your business grow, but it also makes your agents happier as Agents don’t want to be bogged down with tasks that could be automated.

The answer to this question depends on the specific needs of your business. If you are looking for a way to improve customer satisfaction, increased agent productivity, and save time and money, then Sampark dialer software will certainly be a good fit for your business. However, if you are not sure whether or not dialer software is right for your business, it is always a good idea to speak with our dialer software expert who can help you make an informed decision. You may reach out to our team at info@toss4u.com.

There are several dialing metrics that businesses should track, including:

  • Call volume
  • Call duration
  • Number of calls dialed
  • Number of connected calls
  • Number of sales generated
All the mentioned above metrics are available with Sampark Dialer, and also same may be configured as per requirement to provide different data collection and analytical abilities.

Following are the best features or Sampark Dialer that will help your business:

  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Silent monitoring
  • Click to call
  • Screen pops
  • Text to speech
  • Local presence
  • VoIP integration
Apart from these we have security and compliance measures as per standard regulations.