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What is an INBOUND call service?

Customer service

An inbound call centre is the conventional though always in trend, effective method of resolving customer’s issues and queries. In an inbound call center the companies receive a large volume of calls from the customers who are seeking technical customer support.

Why you should prefer our INBOUND service?

Over the last few years we have successfully deployed our own voice platform providing a simpler and cost effective way of handling inbound telephony. Our Voice Platform comes bundled and fully integrated with everything that a successful modern inbound contact centre may require at a fraction of the cost of the traditional telephony solutions out there. Our Inbound Call Center Solution contains 4 key software products: Call Center Manager Software, CRM, IVR Solution, and the Agent Dashboard soft-phones. Our Voice platform includes:

Technical support
Order processing
Inbound Call Center Services for Healthcare


Inbound Call Center Services for Retail


sales for retail

Voice Recorder

revenue for your business.

Quality Monitoring

technical support operations

Built In CRM


Our inbound dialer provides a high quality customer experience with call center-grade ACD queuing, which enables the customer to connect to the right person who can answer the queries and provide customer specific solution.


Our built-in CRM helps you achieve a higher level of FCR ,increased CSAT with intelligent routing algorithms like preferred agent routing, Skill-based routing , and customer persona-based routing. Moreover,it gives you an elegant and seamless omni-channel experience.


(Interactive Voice Response)

Our Self Service IVR feature helps customers with personalized voice prompt as it answers most of their queries without having to involve your agent .With the distinct IVR features available you can customize your workflow as per your business.