Outbound Call Center Software

What is an outbound call service?

As suggested by the name itself an outbound service means where contact is established with the customers by the company itself through outgoing calls. Company’s agents contact users on their own instead of users reaching out to them.

Generally when we refer to call centers, they are inbound call centers. Where the customers themselves contact the company for assistance and to resolve their queries. However, with the ever emerging importance of market research the companies have started realizing the need to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers, via making calls itself for:

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Call Center Outsourcing information

Collecting surveys

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Collecting payments

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Proactive customer support

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Tele marketing

Outbound Call Center Software is the perfect solution for businesses that make large volumes of outgoing calls. We have developed an original high-tech solution, without compromising on the dialer performance, under the Sampark banner which is much more effective than the orthodox solutions available in the industry. Sampark dialer outbound technology provides you Outbound call center services so that you can manage large volumes of outgoing calls in an efficient manner. With this high tech solution you can manage to generate:

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Why you should prefer our OUTBOUND service?

Our OUTBOUND services help you to :

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Provide proactive customer support

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Lead Generation

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Manage appointment setting

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Sampark Outbound Dialer allows its users to enjoy all the benefits of predictive dialing (including Answer Machine Detection/ AMD) without any of the associated risks which have been accepted as unavoidable for many years.